I no longer use this blog, but I'm leaving it up for archival purposes. Feel free to ask me ferret questions, though, through email instead. (See most recent post.)


Yeah so…

Life is still HECTIC AS HECK! so I’m not really back for realsies, just thought I’d catch up on some questions y’all had. Being away from the obligations of tumblr has been pretty liberating, and I realized that mindlessly scrolling through hundreds of posts is pretty mind-numbing, so chances are I won’t come back. 
If you guys have ferret questions, do not hesitate to email me, because I love ferrets and if you love ferrets then chances are I love you, too. 
So here ya go. 
Hit me up. Send me pictures. Updates. Whatever. Ferret people: I love you and want to help you. 
Maranda out. 

sexhowls asked
So I saw the post where you tell us not to buy Kong toys for our loves, but what about the bigger, extra strong ones? And what other toys do you recommend that perhaps we could make ourselves?

The extra strong ones should be ok. I’ve just found that most ferrets don’t really go for Kongs. They get bored of them. As far as home made toys… 
Ping pong balls + cardboard box = ball pit = super fun.
Dig boxes: big plastic bins full of beans/long grain rice/biodegradable packing peanuts = super fun!
Tennis ball + big long tube sock + tie knot at end = super fun toy to wrestle with and bite.
I’m sure there’s more, but those are just off the top of my head. :) Some good toys found at pet stores are Orka brand puppy teething toys (especially the ones you can freeze), Orka brand ‘petstages’ cat toys (wiggle worm!), and Orbee-tough bones (the really rubbery ones). I’ve found those to be pretty ferret-proof.  

Anonymous asked
Hi Maranda : ) Could you please give me the names and numbers of a couple of good, private, ferret breeders around Melbourne? Many thanks, Karen

Melbourne like… Australia? I live in the USA, friend, Google is going to know more about that than I am. xD 

oerba-dia-bianca asked
I didn't know that you had to brush your ferret's teeth. I already bought him a baby tooth brush but what brand of toothpaste do you recommend? Please and thank you.

YES, brush their teeth ESPECIALLY if they’re eating kibble. Use an enzymatic toothpaste for cats or dogs, poultry flavored. 

Anonymous asked
My ferret chews on everything in his cage except the chew toys I buy for him. He chews his food bowl all night long and it keeps me up. Any suggestions??

Chewing usually stems from boredom. If you have a plastic food bowl, switch it to metal or ceramic. They usually don’t like that texture. If you’re letting them out for 3-4 hours a day, then that’s excellent, and it might not be boredom. Try offering them all sorts of types of toys of different textures: stuffed, rubbery, etc. 

typewriter-is-holy asked
Hi there. I've wanted a ferret for probably close to 15 years, and as I am getting ready to move into my first apartment with a well-paying job, it's looking like it will be a reality come June. I know that a lot of owners are advocates of the raw diet and I want to do what's best for the ferret. I had been planning on feeding EVO but could I also do like a combination of kibble and raw at first, just to see what works?

Most ferrets are imprinted on kibble at first, so chances are you’re going to have to start with kibble and then slowly transition to raw. The folks at the Holistic Ferret Forum are super knowledgeable about that whole process. Basically, play it by ear: do it at your ferret’s pace. Raw diets are super wonderful and I highly recommend feeding them— it’s really what they’re built to eat. :)

Hey guys.

Long story short, my life is crazy right now. I have to trim excess activities to put more time into what I love, like my writing and animals. So, please understand when I say I need to take a break from Tumblr. For a while. 

I’ll try to get on periodically and check messages, but don’t expect replies terribly quickly. 

Thanks for understanding.